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About Us

Welcome to Barefoot Buddha – bringing you an online jewellery and gift boutique with true meaning...

Here you can browse through our unique collection of hand-crafted jewellery and gifts brought to you from some of the world's most inspiring designers.

Dogeared, Energy Muse, Eight Energies – and our own signature line - Barefoot Buddha, have all been skilfully and lovingly handcrafted. Each piece in these collections have been designed to empower and inspire you on your journey.

Barefoot Buddha has harnessed the healing properties of gemstones and sacred symbols and developed their own line, in which each piece is imbued with the power of positive energy to bring you symbolic and meaningful adornments and amulets to uplift the spirit, and promote a feeling of peace, healing and well-being within.

As a responsible, caring community, we at Barefoot Buddha only source products from like-minded, ethical designers, and brands. We support each other in our respective quests to create positive change through our spiritual, empowering, inspiring and beautiful Jewellery.