In the Press – Natural Health

Natural Health – January 2014

Daisy Throat Chakra Bracelet in the January Issue of Natural Health.

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Crystal of the Month – Labradorite

Faith, Transformation, Intuition

Labradorite is a widely available stone that is gray / black in colour with beautiful specks of yellow, gold and blue that are highlighted by natural sunlight.


Deemed to be a highly spiritual and mystical stone, Ladradorite is used for conscious expansion, past life journeying and energetic protection. It is used to connect with the spirit world, raise our consciousness, enhance intuition and psychic abilities and clear the aura of negative energies.

It is said to show us the truth of the matter and help heal old wounds, hence is wonderful for emotional growth and transformation.


This powerful stone is strongly linked to the upper, aka spiritual Chakras – Throat, Third-Eye and Crown. Labradorite’s ability to enhance intuition, help us see the truth of the matter and bring about psychic awakening means it’s associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra’s. It’s ability to transform our perception and tell a new story, links it strongly to the Throat Chakra, which is about truthful and empowering communication.

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Brand in Focus – Maha Mala

From India with Love

Created in the capital city that is the heartland of India, Maha Mala designs beautiful 108 bead necklaces using both the traditional Rudraksha seed and the healing vibrations of semi-precious stones and crystals. These necklaces (known as Malas in Hindi) can be used as spiritual jewelry or as japa malas (japa is the practice of mantra recitation).

Each piece has been hand strung together using beautiful semi-precious stones that are sourced from Jaipur, known as the City of Gems, in India.  Each piece has been made keeping in mind not only the aesthetic look but also the beneficial healing properties that are inherent in the semi-precious stones. Thus each Maha Mala piece becomes a beautifully potent energetic tool in the constant search for meaning in our own lives.

Maha Mala translated from Hindi means ‘the great garland or necklace’- traditionally in India a Mala (necklace) was used as a tool in meditation practices as an aid in keeping count the number of times the practitioner recited a certain mantra. Commonly in India a Mala is found made out of the highly textured seed called rudraksha, tulsi wood (known as sacred Basil), quartz crystal or Sandalwood. Maha Mala has built upon this tradition to create uniquely designed malas and bracelets which appeal to a wider spiritually inclined audience.



The backbone of Maha Mala lies in the principles of ‘Ahimsa’ and social conscientiousness. Ahimsa means no-violence or non-violence. Maha Mala works with smaller communities of craftsmen and women to source Ahimsa silk (a farming process which leaves the silkworm unharmed) for the Mala tassels.

The Ahimsa silk tassels come in two varieties- the finer machine spun variety  are dyed using azo free dyes, (azo is a chemical compound used commonly in the textile industry which is a known carcinogenic),  and the hand spun, earth dyed Eri silk (these tassels are au natural, they look raw and rough and that’s why we love them!). For both varieties of Ahimsa silk Maha Mala supports two different organizations that focus on keeping the local craft traditions alive whilst allowing the artisans to have an income.

Each of our products also comes with a Khadi pouch. Khadi is an organic, hand spun and hand woven cotton which was worn and promoted by Mahatma Gandhi in his efforts to convince the Indian population that they could be self reliant in the age where most cotton clothes were being bought from the British.

This Khadi cloth we buy comes from the small town of Wardha in the middle of India, a place where Ghandi founded the Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti (MSS), the first museum of rural industries and Khadi fabric. Today Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti has expanded into research centres, farms, publications and even an alternative health centre all focussed on keeping traditional skills alive and allowing new technological advancements to benefit the Indian public at a grass roots level. One main focus of the MSS is the Khadi wing-the fabric they produce is spun on the traditional charka (spinning wheel) and dyed using natural dyes, the patterns are then block printed by hand.

Furthermore, back in Delhi, where Maha Mala is based, the fabric is sewn together by the women of the Ek Tara foundation, a foundation that provides vocational skills to underprivileged adults in the capital.

Combining the metaphysical beneficial properties of stones and crystals together with the traditional seeds and wood of India, Maha Mala has on offer 6+ different ranges with both malas and bracelets to suit each individual in their search for a meaningful life whilst ensuring each person who helped create the product benefits as well.

Maha Mala believes in non-violence, supports local artisans, buys fair-trade and is a fair trade small business founded and run by Nora Wendel and Piya Jain.

Maha Mala -108 bead necklaces and more…

With Love from us, to you.












To shop Maha Mala click here

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In the Press – Om Yoga & Lifestyle

Om Yoga & Lifestyle – December 2013

Barefoot Buddha Compass for the Journey Pewter Keyring  and Dogeared Make a Wish Good Karma bracelet featured in the Om Christmas Gift Guide.

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Crystal of the Month – Garnet

Love, Commitment, Self Confidence

Garnet is one of the most plentiful and diverse crystals on the planet. It is available in shades of red, yellow, orange, pink, green, brown and black. Along with it’s impressive array of colours, it comes in many shapes and sizes.


Garnet is one of the most powerful stones for balancing energy. It is used to balance and revitalise all the chakras. It is known as the stone of commitment as it is reputed to balance sexual energy hence warding of any desire to stray.

Historically it was used as a protector and believed to enhance the survival instinct during a time of crises, bringing calm and confidence to any situation.


Due to it’s array of colours and ability to stimulate all the Chakra’s, Garnet has the advantage of being associated with all of the main Chakra’s. It can be used on the lower Chakra’s (Base, Sacral and Solar-Plexus) to increase feelings of safety and confidence. It can be used to balance and harmonise the Heart Chakra. It’s ability to enhance self-awareness and cleanse all of the Chakra’s enhances the upper Chakra’s.

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Birthday Celebrations – Enjoy up to 50% off in our Birthday Sale


for all your custom and support over the last 3 years. It means a lot



*Sale ends Monday 9th December 2013


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International Shipping – Free delivery on all international orders over £50

We now ship worldwide for just £6.95. Spend over £50 between now and 2nd December 2013 and receive international shipping for free. For more information on our delivery and returns policy click here.

*Please note that £50 spend excludes sale items.


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In the Press – Natural Health

Natural Health – December 2013

Barefoot Buddha Carnelian Joy Necklace featured in the Natural Health Christmas Gift Guide.

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The Rudraksha Seed


Although not a gemstone, the Rudraksha Seed is also known to have many powerful healing properties.

The Rudraksha Seed is a traditional indian seed from the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus tree, more commonly known as the Rudraksha tree. These trees can be found in Northern India, Nepal, Burma and Southeast Asia. The Rudraksha tree produces a purple/blue berry and when the flesh is removed the Rudraksha seed is revealed.

In India the Rudraksha seed is considered to have metaphysical and medicinal qualities which manifest when worn or ingested. The seed has been used for the treatment of various diseases in traditional Indian medicine for many years. Some of these properties include giving clarity to the voice and lowering stress and blood pressure. Rudraksha Mala’s have been used since the 10th century by Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs for meditation and to sanctify the mind, body and soul.

Each Rudraksha bead has a natural hole at the top and ridges on the sides. These ridges are known as ‘Mukhi’ or faces. A typical Rudraksha seed has 5 faces although one can find Rudraksha’s with one face (known as Brahma) up to twenty one faces.

Rudraksha in Sanskrit stems from the words – Aksha, meaning eye and Rudra, another name for the Indian God Shiva (creator, preserver and destroyer of the manifest universe). In other words Rudraksha can be translated as the eyes or tears of Shiva.

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Brand in Focus – Ananda Soul Creations

ANANDA SOUL CREATIONS are designed to uplift and connect to the soul. The inspirations for the creations come from spiritual practices, yogic philosophy, ancient traditions and a true connection to the feminine, all combined to reflect the woman’s natural beauty.

Meet the Designer

“My vision is to empower women from the core, inspire them to reach for their dreams, make them realise how powerful and beautiful they are. Each thought, each action, each smile, each encounter counts – and that is what we live by. My soul creations are filled with Balinese blessings, prayers, smiles and love from each and every person involved in our production and that is what shines through … from our heart to yours.” ~ Christina Zipperlen, Designer & Founder.



The Ethics



We believe in running a business based on love, support, respect and honesty. That is why each member of our team is treated like family with fair wages, opportunities of growth and encouraging their highest potential. This standard goes in and through the production of our creations. A big part of the silver we use is recycled and we trace the source of our gemstones as far back as possible, traveling to their country of origin and guaranteeing 100% natural materials. We honour the artist in each of our workers who will be featured with their own designs on our website soon, enabling them to support themselves and their families beyond retirement.


10% of all our profits go to the Safe Childhoods Foundation. Behind this inspiring foundation is a group of amazing people who have dedicated themselves to the goal of supporting underprivileged women and children and to combating child trafficking and prostitution in Indonesia. We feel honored to be part of their vision to allow each child on this planet a happy childhood.


As part of the Sacred Childhoods Foundation we have set up an employment program for underprivileged Balinese women. The ‘Senang workshop’ is linked with the Sacred Childhoods Slum School, a school for local street children. In the Senang workshop, the mothers of the Slum school students are trained and employed in the production of jewellery and clothing – empowering them to create a bright future filled with hope, education, opportunity and prosperity. Senang means ‘happy’ – a name the mothers chose for the workshop. The amount of love, enthusiasm and smiles the mothers put into the productions in the Senang workshop is beyond inspiring.


Our jewelry is made from the highest quality materials available. We constantly source the finest materials available, setting emphasis on the origin and making sure all materials are 100% natural. Our jewelry is made from 925 Sterling Silver, 22kt Gold Vermeil and finest quality precious and semi-precious gemstones. Our goal is to bring you a piece that lasts for a life-time. With this goal in mind we are aware that we are working with materials mother nature gave us, which means that natural discrepancies can occur.


Each of our designs is created with your benefits in mind and is filled with loving prayers. The crystals and gemstones are carefully chosen and combined to uplift and empower you, to bring you protection, peace and prosperity, to nourish, elevate, heal and connect you to your highest purpose. Each piece is blessed by a Balinese priest to further enhance its powers. Recharge your crystals regularly in saltwater or in the smoke of an incense. All our orders come with loving messages for the recipient and with an explanation of the meaning behind the design and stones. May it remind you how amazing, powerful and beautiful you are and may it uplift you to reach for your dreams.


The big question is – what are you going to do with this one precious life you were given? This is what we ask ourselves every day, checking in that everything we do is aligned with those heart-connected values. Our company is built on yogic values and we truly believe that this is the direction the world is going in. What motivates us is our love for all living beings, our deep respect for mother earth and our commitment to yogic values – and that radiates through all that we do. So everything we do comes straight from our heart to yours.


We have a vision of a big family of loving, supportive, inspiring people uplifting each other to their highest potential – beyond their wildest dreams! We believe that it is through reaching out and connecting that we can make a difference in this world. Our online community is continuously growing, we have a regular blog and newsletter filled with inspirations and insights from amazing people all around the world.  Connect with us on Facebook and twitter. Go out there love love love love, you are amazing! And shine your light, the world needs it desperately!

Thank you for your support in our vision, we are deeply filled with gratitude. May your life be filled with love, peace and prosperity.

Om tat sat.

To SHOP Ananda Soul Creations click on the logo below. Ananda


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In the Press – Natural Health

Natural Health – November 2013

Barefoot Buddha Chakra Crystal Energy Bag in the Me Time section of Natural Health this month. Having a bit of ‘me time’ and meditating with some crystals is a perfect way to reboot your vitality.

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Crystal of the Month – Carnelian

Joy, Vitality, Creativity

Carnelian is a small round stone that comes in shades of pink, brown, orange and mostly red. It is widely available, inexpensive and it’s smooth, shiny, colourful appearance makes it highly visually appealing.

Properties / Uses

Pink Carnelian has many uses and is highly powerful in transforming and cleansing energy. On an emotional level it has the power to dissipate negative emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy, resentment,  regret and replaces them with a new-found joy for life.

Due to it’s ability to both ground and energise a person at the same time, red carnelian is one of the best stones for re-storing vitality and energy.

Due to it’s link with the Sacral Chakra, orange carnelian is renowned for removing creative blocks and stimulating creativity.

Chakra Association

Carnelian is associated with the Base Chakra (red) the Sacral Chakra (orange) and the Heart Chakra (pink). Hence it’s uses are multi-faceted. The red can be used for stabilising, grounding and removing fearful emotions. Orange for removing blocks to creativity. And pink for dissipating negative emotions to restore the heart to a state of love and joy.

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Crystal of the Month – Black Onyx

Strength, Support, Stamina

Black Onyx, as the name might suggest is a readily available black crystal, renowned for it’s soothing and grounding properties.

Known to dissipate and protect against negative energy, Black Onyx is a wonderful stone to have around during times of stress such as bereavement and divorce. It’s energy is both soothing and strengthening, helping you remain strong during challenging times.

Due to it’s highly effective grounding properties, Black Onyx can be used to centre your energy in times of emotional pain or mental confusion. It is said to be so powerful it can help you find insight, mental strength and even psychic visions.

It is also reported to increase stamina and vigour, leading to enhances levels of physical and emotional strength in times of need.

Chakra association – In terms of the Chakras and energy healing, black is one of the most potent and powerful colours as is comprised of a mix of every colour. Therefore Black Onyx can be used to open, heal, balance and empower each of the Chakras.

It’s connection to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength means it will positively effect the physical, emotional and spiritual Chakras. It can be used to heal any individual Chakra or better yet, to empower all at once.

To shop for Black Onyx Jewellery & Gifts please click here.

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Crystal of the Month – Green Aventurine

Prosperity, Wellbeing, Emotional Calm

Green Aventurine is a widely available member of the quartzite family.

It has long been associated with luck and prosperity so is used to manifest success in financial matters. If you are looking for a raise or a business loan keep this stone on you and use it to meditate on your goals.

Energetically considered a neutraliser, Green Aventurine is known to balance the mind and body by clearing / neutralising any negative energy. As such it can be used to bring about wellbeing on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual.

It is renowned as a comforter and can bring about emotional calm in any stressful situation. It helps dissipate feelings of fear or anxiety by neutralising our emotional energy.

Connected to the Heart-Chakra, it can be used to heal and balance the Heart Chakra to bring about improved relationships, self-esteem and compassion. Simply place a piece near your heart and let the stone work it’s magic, all you need is the intention to heal.

To shop for Green Aventurine Jewellery & Gifts please click here.

© 2013 Barefoot Buddha


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Crystal of the Month – Sodalite


Qualities/Healing Properties

Sodalite is a beautiful deep-blue crystal, with flecks of light and darker blue throughout, leading to variations in appearance. It is commonly available and relatively in-expensive.

One of Sodalite’s unique properties, is it’s ability to unite the intellectual mind with the physical body. This means it is a wonderful crystal for enhancing the powers of our intuition (mind) and our ability to “trust our gut” (body) all at once. It helps us find truth, clarity and new insights.

Sodalite is used for clarity in meditation, enhanced insight and releasing old mental patterns. It is also renowned for use in finding rational and objective answers to any worries we may have.

How to Use

• Anytime you are meditating, Sodalite can enhance and deepen the experience simply by being on or near you. You can hold a piece in your hand, have it next to you on your bed or for maximum effect place over your third eye (between your eyes)

• When struggling to find answers or insights to any situation on a logical level, carry Sodalite with you in a bag or wear a piece of Sodalite jewellery. This will help you find the logical, rational, truthful answer.

• Due to it’s ability to calm and balance the mind, Sodalite is excellent for stressful situations such as flying and interviews. It is also said to help lower blood-pressure.

Chakra Association

Due to both it’s colour and healing properties, Sodalite is closely associated with the third-eye Chakra.

It’s ability to deepen insight, and clear and calm the mind, make it a perfect stone for opening and balancing this Chakra.

Birthstone For

Sodalite is associated with the star-sign Sagittarius


This is a meditation using Sodalite to open the third-eye that can be used for gaining insight and clarity into any problem or situation you need help with. Keep a pad and pencil by your side as you will need it as soon as you finish.

Lie comfortably on a bed or couch, ensuring you will not be disturbed. If possible dim the lights or close the curtains and light one white candle.

Place a piece of Sodalite over your third-eye (this is the spot directly between your eyes) and breathe deeply in and out to centre yourself.

Consider the problem or situation you need insight into.

Initially you may feel a wave of various emotions wash over you such as anxiety, worry etc. This is normal and simply let them come and go and continue to breathe deeply.

Now imagine there is a layer of sand covering your third-eye, preventing it from opening and seeing properly.

Imagine a powerful blue / white, cleansing light pouring in gently from the Sodalite.

This light is clearing the sand off your third-eye, allowing it to open and see clearly.

Take as long as you need to focus on this light pouring in, until you can feel your third-eye opening. It is common to feel some slight pressure when this happens.

Now allow any insights / answers to come to you.

A relaxed mind and body are your indicator you are receiving your highest truth.

When you are ready sit up and take note of any insights.

To shop for Sodalite Jewellery & Gifts please click here.

© 2012 Barefoot Buddha

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Crystal of the Month – Pyrite


Qualities/Healing Properties

Nicknamed “fools-gold” due to it’s resemblance to gold, pyrite is a readily available and inexpensive crystal with many uses. Due most likely to it’s appearance, pyrite is used mainly in Feng-Shui for manifesting money and general financial success, such as a new job or home. It is also said to be highly effective at helping protect your personal energy and deflecting negative energy from our aura. It is said to increase our energy and optimism when kept close to the body.

How to Use 

If you are a fan of Feng-Shui, place a piece of pyrite in the part of your home associated with personal wealth – usually this is the sout-eastern point. Wear a piece of jewellery containing pyrite to increase your optimism and deflect negativity throughout the day. 
Hold a piece in your hand if feeling anxious about any money / work worries or when going to a job interview.

Chakra Association

Due to it’s uses for manifesting and increasing energy and optimism, pyrite is related to the second and third, ie the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. The Sacral Chakra relates to our creative powers which link to our work and finances. The Solar Plexus relates to our sense of self, our will and our self-confidence.

Birthstone for

Pyrite is the birthstone for the sign of Leo.


This is a very simple meditation that can be used if you are needing a boost of energy or optimism. This can be for an average day or for when you have a job interview, are launching a new product and want to manifest more clients or anything related to feeling good about money to bring in more of it!

Stand upright, holding some pyrite in your left hand. Imagine the light of the sun radiating from the pyrite, flowing into your second and third Chakra’s (ie the area from below your navel to your rib-cage). Focus on this powerful bright light infusing both Chakras’ with the power of the sun. The power to create and manifest more of what you want, more energy and more positive energy. Now imagine yourself achieving whatever it is you desire and know you have the confidence and ability to make this happen.

To shop for Pyrite Jewellery & Gifts please click here.

© 2012 Barefoot Buddha

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Crystal of the Month – Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper

Qualities/Healing Properties

Yellow Jasper is a member of the large group of Jasper crystals which are noted for their nurturing and soothing properties on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Yellow Jasper is a small, smooth stone that can range in colour from yellow to orange-brown. Yellow Jasper is specifically linked to bringing calm and confidence during stressful and difficult times.

How to Use 

Yellow Jasper is used as a protective stone and one of the most common uses is to keep travellers safe. As such this is an excellent crystal to take with you on journeys or to keep in your car.

It is also useful for nervous flyers as it not only offers auric protection but also calms and soothes the nerves.

For any situation you find challenging, interviews, moving house etc. keep some Yellow Jasper on your person (on a piece of jewellery or in your pocket) to help dissipate stress.

Chakra Association 

Yellow Jasper is associated with the Solar Plexus. This Chakra represents our sense of self, our confidence and our place in the world.

Birthstone For 

Jasper is associated with the zodiac sign Leo and the month of October.


Yellow Jasper is one of the best crystals for healing, opening and balancing the Solar Plexus and this meditation is excellent for overcoming obstacles to any goal. Have a pen and some paper ready as you will want to make notes after you are finished!

Lie comfortably with a piece of Yellow Jasper on your Solar Plexus (above your navel) and breathe deeply to centre yourself.

Now consider a goal you have, it can be related to anything you are struggling to achieve – weight loss, a new job etc. Now allow yourself to imagine you have fully achieved that goal. Really see yourself as you would be. How do you look, how do you feel, what do you say to people? Focus on that image until it is perfect in your mind. Now step into that future you and feel the excitement of having achieved your goal. Stay centred here for a few moments, breathing deeply and enjoying your success.

Now from this future version of yourself, look back at your present self lying on the bed.

Quickly note what insights you have had about how to overcome any obstacles between you and the goal – this meditation is excellent for providing insight about how you may be getting in your own way.


To shop for Yellow Jasper Jewellery & Gifts please click here.

© 2012 Barefoot Buddha


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Crystal of the Month – Hematite


Qualities/Healing Properties

Ranging in colour from black to silver to red or reddish-brown, hematite is a widely available and affordable stone. Hematite is (along with Red Jasper) associated with the earth and our base chakra. As such it is used for healing issues relating to willpower, self-esteem and courage. As weaknesses in these areas are often the underlying cause for addiction, hematite is known to assist with addiction and unhealthy habits.

It is renowned as one of the best stones for grounding and balancing male / female energies. It is also used for energetic protection, in particular to clear negative energy left by others in our auras.

How to Use

Keep a piece of hematite on your person, such as in your purse or on a piece of jewellery and mentally intend it clear negative energy from your aura and keep you grounded.

Anytime you feel anxious or nervous hold a piece of hematite in your hand and drop your hand to your side so it’s nearest the earth and your base chakra. This will help you feel calm and grounded.

Chakra Association

Hematite is mainly associated with the Base Chakra due to it’s earthly connection. It’s ability to help us feel grounded and balanced mean it is an excellent healer for all physical woes. As mentioned it is also used to help treat addiction related to self-esteem issues and as such it’s healing powers extend to the sacral and solar plexus chakras. Overall it is highly effective in working with the three lower (physical) chakras.

Birthstone For

Hematite is associated with the astrological signs of Aries and Aquarius


To begin you will need a piece of hematite. You can either stand holding it in your hand, or lie comfortably and place it at the base of your spine. Now focus on any bad habit you want to let go of such as smoking or over-eating. In your minds-eye see an image of yourself doing that very thing you no longer wish to do. Just see the image, do not judge or feel any guilt, simply focus on the image. Now visualise a healing black mist covering up that image until you can no longer see it. Let go of the image by letting it (and the old habit) float away in the black mist. You are mentally releasing the need to continue the bad habit by doing so.

You may need to do this daily for as long as it takes to notice change.

To shop for Hematite Jewellery & Gifts please click here.

© 2012 Barefoot Buddha


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Crystal of the Month – Red Jasper

Red Jasper

Qualities/Healing Properties

Red Jasper is one of the Jasper family which are all associated with balancing energy and healing the Chakras. As the name suggests it is deep red in colour and readily available. Due to it’s connection to the Base Chakra it is an excellent stone for easing worries, stress and helping us to feel grounded. On a physical level it is said to help with circulation issues and as such issues are usually connected to feeling “stuck” emotionally, it is an all-round emotional comforter.

How to Use

Wear a bracelet containing Red Jasper to harmonise your Base Chakra.

Keep a piece anywhere in the home to create a calm, soothing feeling throughout the house.

Chakra Association

Red Jasper is associated with the Base Chakra which is also red in colour. The Base Chakra relates to our feelings of physical safety and security, finances, family bonds and our identity. Given these are the issues that cause us anxiety which Red Jasper can soothe, this crystal is one of the best for opening and balancing the Base Chakra. I like to use the corresponding crystal in terms of colour to treat my Chakras and this is one of my favourites to place on the Base Chakra.

Birthstone For

Red Jasper is the birthstone for Aries.


An excellent grounding meditation which is quick, easy and can be done anywhere including public. This will help soothe any anxiety and worries you may have and is also great for protecting your energy in crowds:

Hold a piece of Red Jasper in your hand whilst standing up, hands hanging by your side comfortably. Now imagine a ball of fire spinning in a circular movement around your Base Chakra (i.e. the base of your spine / genitals). Focus on this fire and imagine it spinning faster and growing more powerful. As it gains enough momentum send it down both legs, through the soles of your feet and into the ground, firmly connecting you to the earth below. Note mentally how you now feel.

To shop for Red Jasper Jewellery & Gifts please click here.

© 2012 Barefoot Buddha


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In the Press – Om Yoga & Lifestyle

Om Yoga & Lifestyle – December 2012

Barefoot Buddha Amethyst Protection Bracelet in Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine.


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