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Jacky Newcomb Interview

An Interview with Jacky Newcomb - 'The Angel Lady'

We took great pleasure in having the opportunity to Interview Jacky Newcomb - The Angel Lady recently and share with you below the questions and answers. Some of which came from you.

Jacky is an award winning, Sunday Times best selling author, columnist and paranormal experiences expert specialising in angels and the afterlife. ??Jacky’s most recent and 11th book ‘I Can See Angels' was published in 2010. She has published hundreds of articles about psychic phenomenon, and is a regular columnist for Take-a-Break's Fate and Fortune mag. She is a popular radio and TV guest and has worked with such people as presenter Gloria Hunniford, Most Haunted's David Wells and Richard Felix, and musician and presenter Myleene Klass. Jacky has appeared on many television shows including This Morning, LK Today (The Lorraine Kelly Show) and LivingTV's 'Psychic Live'. ??Jacky has taught literally millions of people about angels and the afterlife through her books, articles, talks and broadcasts!?? Jacky's specialist subjects are: ??Angels, Afterlife, Spirit guides, Spirits, Near death experiences, Out of body experiences, Past lives, Between lives and before life memories, Psychic children/new age children, Psychics and mediums, Afterlife contact, Psychic protection, Guided meditations.

You can see more about Jacky and her work at….??

Q. Well this is probably a tricky one but I recently lost my sister to cancer and the hardest bit is not knowing if she is at peace, is there a way to ever know our loved ones who have passed are ok, at peace and happy wherever they are?

A. First of all let me say how sorry I am. I understand what a stressful time this must be for your family. Let me reassure you, your sister will have been escorted to heaven by her guardian angel and probably met by deceased family and friends...they have a great reunion! Both my sister and I were showed Dad's heavenly reunion in dreams when he passed over.
Whenever someone has passed by illness they may take a while for the soul to go through a resting/healing process on the other-side. You may find that you receive some subtle signs from your sister once she has completed this stage.
If you would like information on different types of afterlife communication my book 'Angels Watching Over Me' will be helpful. Ask at your local library or buy online - we sell personally signed copies at our website too.


Q. My Mum sadly passed away a few years ago and I still struggle to come to terms with it. I have never felt her around me and I have been through some hard times since when I really could have done with some reassurance from her that she is still around. Does this mean she isn't and how come some people get signs and others like myself don't?
A. This is a tricky one. When my Dad passed away our family had loads of communication, so much so that my sister and I have written a book about it. However, when I was ill in hospital and had to be sedated I expected to see Dad then but I didn't. I was surprised to feel really angry about it at the time but later he appeared in a dream to show me all the important work he was doing in heaven and I felt a little guilty!
Our loved ones visit if they realised they can and they know how. Some advanced souls will visit regularly but sometimes even if they do we can't see them. Other souls may take years to visit or they are just too busy to (they do continue life on the other side). They don't understand time as we know it so may not realise how long it has been in earthly years since they passed.


Q. How and when did you became aware that Angels are around us?
A. I had my first experiences as a child and then as an adult I began researching the phenomenon in depth. In the end I read so many positive experiences of angel contact I realised that 'of course' angels exist!  


Q. If a loved one has passed can they then become our Guardian Angel or do we have a Guardian Angel from birth? Does everyone have one?
A. Sort of. They don't become angels in the traditional sense (not a being of light who works alongside and for God our creator) but if you were to ask me do our deceased relatives watch over and protect us then yes, I have hundreds of stories which illustrate this totally. Grandparents often visit their young grandchildren after they pass over and bring that exact message, 'even though I am no longer here I will always be your guardian angel...'
Yes, we all have a guardian angel.  


Q. Is there a difference between Angels and Guardian Angels?
A. In the traditional classification yes. Angels are divided up into different types and sit on different 'levels' and like the hierarchy in a business you have some who are more advanced and specialised than others (the boss is at the top!). The highest of the angels work closest to God and the lowest work most closely with humankind. The word Angels describes ALL of these beings/levels and the word is also used to describe the lowest levels of angels (the guardians). Other classifications include the Dominions, and Virtues.

Q. How can Angels help us in our daily lives?
A. They can assist with all sorts of everyday things. It doesn't have to be life threatening. Their main remit is love and protection but they can offer guidance by helping to point us in the right direction (literally even) and making sure that the right people enter our lives at the right time.

Q. What is the best way to connect with Angels?
A. Ask them for their help! (Or if you want a little more practical help then have a read of my illustrated book 'Angel Secrets' for chapters of ideas.

Q. What is your most memorable experience with Angels?

A. There have been so many it's hard to choose really but probably the first one I remember which is when I was about 5 years old and being swept out to see on my rubber swimming ring. I felt surrounded by a peaceful and calm feeling and then was able to 'swim' back to shore (strangely my swimming ring had lost it's air and I didn't learn to swim for real until many years later!) A voice spoke inside my head and offered to was magical and I believe it was my guardian angel.

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